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Do you have a local business in Tamarindo? Or somewhere else in Costa Rica? But your website is not on the 1st page on Google?

We can help you

Google has made local search a major priority moving forward and they are showing no signs of slowing down. In other words, Google is funneling more and more traffic to local sites.

Did you know?

Google looks at the user’s IP address to find where in the world the search is coming from, then customizes the search results for that user’s specific location.

So how we get top rankings in google?

We give Google exactly what they want and more importantly what they need.

Who we are?

We are two German living in Tamarindo Costa Rica here for 2 years. My name is Thomas Traegner and my wife is called Gabriele. Since 2003, we work with Web pages on the Internet. We operate themselves 200 domains (Web sites). Our main market is of course in the german speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In November we took over the job for a neighbor and friend to build a website for his new restaurant and bring on the 1st page of Google. Video marketing is absolutely hot. Therefore, we have produced a short video with the aim to place it on YouTube and Google on the 1st page. Google constantly updates its algorithm. So the method as Google currently evaluated Web pages and rank. Therefore it is obviously not done once on the 1st page on Google. No, a Web pages require a daily maintenance to make these good results also permanent.

You need some proof?

The results shown here are from the 30.01.2012: For the searchterm “Restaurante Tamarindo” – our clients own the 1st 4 results!!


Restaurant Tamarindo Las Brasas

As you can see in the picture are directly the results on google. Like I said, Google is trying personalized results to show the user. And since I am painting even more the rankings for Restaurante Tamarindo have tested, showing me at Google different results than if you would search for the 1st time it:-)

That is why I would like to show you now a little trick how you can check your own Web page with right Results. Just go with an anonymous proxy on the search. How this is going? Simply type the URL zend2.com in your browser and click on enter. This platform you then asks what Web page you want to visit. Simply write into google.com and zend2 brings you with an anonymous proxy on google.com. Now, you can enter your search term and see real results. Look in the next image, the URL zend2.com:-)

Real Results #1 on Google

And these results after just under two months. We could even authority websites such as tripadvisor outrank. Your need more proof? :-) Sure, here we go for the searchterm “Restaurant Tamarindo” no Restaurante

Video Restaurante Tamarindo

And the Video directly on Youtube.com:

Restaurante Tamarindo on Youtube

I have your attention? You want the same results? We give you a free analysis of your Website. Contact us: info@tamarindocostarica.ws

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