Mobile Website Templates

Here you can select your mobile website template design. All designs can be adapted colour. If you need more information, contact us: info @ tamarindocostarica.ws.
Mobile Website Template Designs

This is what you get exactly:

1. A full SEO (Searchengine Optimization) optimized mobile Website.

2. The mobile Website has 3 to 5 Sites (Homepage, Contact us, About us, Your Service or your Menu, How to find us)

3. A script that your website allows mobile devices to detect and automatically displays your new mobile website to your new customers. We will install it in your website for free!

4. You can choose your design from 10 templates. See here: Mobile Website Templates.

5. We will contact you after your purchase to discuss your order exactly.

Boost your business now with a new mobile website for your restaurant(s)! Order now: info @ tamarindocostarica.ws for $ 499

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