How to increase your sales with a mobile website

Hi Liisa, Hi Steve,

I’m not sure if you got my last email. With a mobile website you can increase your sales easily. It’s all about a good user experience and the first impression which the user will have when he visit your website.

Sorry for my bad english, but I think you get the point? :-) You can proof it. Go with your mobile device to google. Your phone will automatically show up the google mobile search. Type in your domainname and click on the result. I’ve made a photo how it looks like.

El Pescador Tamarindo mobile website

The left pic shows the website right now. And the right pic shows the mobile optimized website with a optimal user experience. The user can make easy a reservation. Can accept your menu. And the user can (if you want this site) get a coupon. So you can track the success of your mobile website very easy. With a very simple solution :-)

But it can be better! If you combine social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google + with a professional coupon solution… So you will have pretty much more Facebook “likes”, Twitter follower and you get a better position in google.

This is how this entire system works:
1. Customers Scans QR code in a business located on a flyer or business card.
QR Code on the fliyer
2. The customer is taken to a page with an incredible offer (e.g. “Get 10% Off Your Next Purchase at El Pescador Tamarindo,” and you just need to share this on Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus).
You get a like on Facebook
3. The customer then hits “share” and then something is shared on one of the social platforms (e.g. “I just had the best Lobster at El Pescador Tamarindo! Pop on down now and check it out!” and a coupon is revealed to the customer giving them a discount off their next meal)The coupon

Free social sharing is the ultimate

Sharing is huge

  • You control everything from the offer to the wording on the coupon
  • Can change offers at anytime
  • Monthly reports on how many shares/tweets/gplus your business has had

Please let me know what you think,

Saludos y Pura Vida

Thomas & Gabriele

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